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Restoration Levy

From July 2021 a Restoration Levy of £1.50 on all tickets purchased both online and in-person at our box office applies. This Levy will be ring-fenced and go directly into the investment needed in our Grade 2* listed venue.

First opened in 1878, the Winter Gardens celebrated its 140th anniversary in 2018 and with such age comes a set of unique challenges to ensure the venues remain operational, functional, and suitable to welcome the needs of modern-day events and audiences. Already each year over £500k is invested in routine maintenance alone, essential repairs increase that figure substantially. That along with the added pressure of Covid and sustained closure has added further financial burdens to the venue.

The levy, after VAT deductions, will mean for every ticket purchased £1.25 goes direct into venue upkeep. If 150,000 tickets sell each year, that is £187,500 that ensures we can continue to welcome the biggest shows, events, and gigs at the greatest place of entertainment in the world, the Winter Gardens Blackpool.

We will be fully transparent and ensure every penny of your restoration fee is spent wisely. 

We understand tickets are a big investment, especially if you are a regular visitor and for those within the community in which we serve. We want to make live events as accessible as possible, but we also need to ensure the venue’s longevity, to make sure it remains at the forefront of Blackpool’s visitor economy for many years to come.

In advance, we want to say a massive thank you! The levy could be a game-changer for the venue, that as operators we treasure as much as you. We are dedicated to working tirelessly to protect, restore and maintain the unique character of the venue for now and future generations.

Restoration Projects

Opera house seat replacements

Restoration work has started on the 654 chairs on the balcony – which have been there since the venue was built in 1939. Over the years they have seated over 45 million guests including Her Majesty The Queen.

On Monday 21st February 2022 the seats were carefully dismantled by hand, by a team of five workers.

They were taken down to the ground floor in a lift – and sent off to Evertaut – a theatre seating specialist in Blackburn – to be reupholstered.

All seats in rows A – D, and part of row E, will be given brand new backs and seat pads. The cast iron bases will be french polished, and the legs will be painted gold.

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