Essential Media Resources for Event Organizers: Images, Logos & 360-Degree Room Tours

Welcome to our media resources page, designed to provide event organizers with all the essential assets needed to bring their event vision to life. Here, you’ll find a curated collection of high-quality images, logos, and immersive 360-degree room tours that showcase our stunning venues and help you plan and promote your event with ease.

Access a world of visual inspiration and valuable resources to enhance your event planning and marketing efforts, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience for your guests.

Please respect copyright laws when using our images, logos, and brand assets. Ensure proper usage and representation of Winter Gardens Blackpool. If in doubt, contact us for guidance.

venue images



conference & exhibition centre

Derham lounge

empress ballroom


opera house

pavilion & horseshoe



dome, floral hall & grand vestibule

brand assets

brand guidlines

Embracing the Winter Gardens Blackpool Brand: Your Guide to Our Visual Identity

Welcome to the Winter Gardens Blackpool Brand Guidelines, a comprehensive resource designed to help you understand and effectively represent our visual identity. Our guidelines cover essential elements such as logo usage, brand colours, typeface, and more, ensuring consistency and recognition across all platforms. Dive into our Brand Guidelines to discover how to accurately convey the essence of Winter Gardens Blackpool in your communications and materials.

Our logo can be requested via emailing [email protected].

monogram winter gardens logo
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