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Welcome to the Event Legacy in Blackpool page! Here, we’ll explore the concept of event legacy, its importance to the bustling town of Blackpool, and how you, as an event organiser, can reap the benefits of implementing legacy planning. Let’s dive into the world of event legacies and discover how we can work together to make your event unforgettable and impactful.

What is Event Legacy?

Event legacy refers to the long-term impacts and benefits generated by an event, which can be felt by the local community, businesses, and attendees. By planning for legacy, event organisers can ensure that their events create lasting value in various aspects, such as employment, inward investment, economic impact, societal legacy, sustainability legacy, and educational and expertise legacy.

The Importance of Event Legacy to Blackpool

Blackpool is renowned for its thriving visitor economy, valued at over £1.58bn and supporting more than 20,000 jobs. Business tourism plays a crucial role in the town’s success, making it an ideal location for your event. By incorporating event legacy planning, you not only contribute to Blackpool’s flourishing economy but also help your event stand out from the competition, providing unforgettable experiences for your attendees.

The Benefits of Event Legacy for Organisers

As an event organiser, incorporating legacy planning into your strategy offers numerous advantages. By creating a lasting impact in areas such as employment, investment, economic growth, societal contribution, sustainability, and education, you position your event as a key player in the industry. This approach strengthens your brand reputation, fosters positive relationships with stakeholders, and enhances the overall attendee experience, making your event more attractive for sponsors and partners.

Types of Event Legacy Event legacy can take various forms, including:

  1. Employment opportunities for local communities
  2. Inward investment and business growth
  3. Economic impact on the local and regional economy
  4. Societal legacy through community engagement and improvement
  5. Sustainability legacy by implementing eco-friendly practices
  6. Educational and expertise legacy through knowledge sharing and skills development


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