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Welcome to the Winter Gardens Blackpool’s “Our Venues” portal, where you can explore our diverse collection of unique event spaces, including the newly unveiled Blackpool Conference & Exhibition Centre. Discover the perfect setting for your next event, whether it’s a conference, exhibition, concert, or celebration, by delving into the distinctive features and capacities of each venue. Immerse yourself in the charm and versatility that Winter Gardens Blackpool has to offer.


Blackpool Conference & Exhibition Centre

Unveiling the new £30m state-of-the-art Blackpool Conference & Exhibition Centre, a game-changer for events in the region. Boasting cutting-edge facilities and contemporary design, this versatile venue caters to conferences, exhibitions, and more. Discover the exceptional features and limitless possibilities that this remarkable addition to Winter Gardens Blackpool has to offer.

2,000 delegates – 2,400 sq. metres

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Empress Ballroom

3,250 capacity - 1,102 SQ. METRES

opera house

2,800 capacity


2,600 capacity - 1,373 SQ. METRES



Pavilion & Horseshoe

1120 capacity - 1,585 SQ. METRES

spanish hall


baronial hall

304 capacity - 266 SQ. METRES

derham lounge

300 capacity - 241.5 SQ. METRES

renaissance room

200 capacity - 221 SQ. METRES

cafes, bars & resturants

Indulge in delightful dining and refreshment options at Winter Gardens Blackpool. Discover the charming Empress Coffee Bar & Bistro, perfect for a relaxing break, or experience the stylish Floral Lounge cocktail bar for a sophisticated night out. Explore our diverse cafes, bars, and restaurants that cater to all tastes and occasions,

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