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APRIL 2024

Welcome back to WGTV! Explore the fourth instalment of our monthly journey into the diverse world of Winter Gardens Blackpool. 

What’s Inside This Episode:

Join us for another thrilling episode of WGTV as we journey into the heart of Winter Gardens Blackpool. In this instalment, we delve into the director’s chair with Steve Deveney, exploring his experiences and daily life at Winter Gardens. Discover the wartime tales of the Empress Ballroom and Opera House with historian Stephen Mercer and get a sneak peek at Bonnie & Clyde the Musical. Plus, hear from Suzi Barnes about the Blackpool Conference and Exhibition Centre, and catch up with Richard Slater on the Red Rose Awards, held in the majestic Empress Ballroom. Stay tuned for exclusive insights and exciting updates!

Full aPRIL 2024 Episode

March 2024

Welcome back to WGTV! Explore the latest instalment of our monthly journey into the diverse world of Winter Gardens Blackpool. 

What’s Inside This Episode:

Delving into History: Explore the Royal Variety Performance history at Blackpool Opera House with historian Stephen Mercer, Ged Mills, and Keeley Southworth. Join them as they reminisce, sharing favorite moments and offering a behind-the-scenes peek into the magic of this iconic event.

An interview with Katie Edgar: Step into the world of Legally Blonde the Musical with company director, Katie Edgar. Gain exclusive insights into Encore Productions and the making of this captivating musical that’s set to dazzle audiences.

Winter Gardens Memberships: Dive into exclusivity with Winter Gardens Memberships, offering tailored benefits for an enriched experience. Unlock your key to a premium entertainment journey in this month’s WGTV episode!

DJ Rusty Egan and the 80s Weekender: Get ready to groove with DJ Rusty Egan as WGTV dives into the 80s Weekender in an interview that unveils the magic behind this electrifying event.

Full March 2024 Episode


Welcome back to WGTV! Your monthly glimpse into the exciting world of Winter Gardens Blackpool. This is our second episode, packed with fascinating features just for you.

What’s Inside This Episode:

Delving into History: Journey back in time with local historian Stephen Mercer as he explores the stories behind the iconic Roll of Honour board displayed proudly in the Winter Gardens.

In the Director’s Chair with Maureen Nolan: Blackpool’s own Maureen Nolan takes the lead, sharing her experiences growing up in the town and gracing the Winter Gardens stage.

Pigeons Take Flight: Witness the incredible spectacle of the British Homing World Show of the Year, showcasing the beauty and intelligence of these remarkable birds.

Magic Under the Spotlight: Join Russ Stevens as he pulls back the curtain on the Blackpool Magic Convention, revealing the secrets and wonder of the world of illusion.

Full FEBRUARY 2024 Episode

January 2024

Welcome to the First Episode of WGTV – Your Monthly Insight into Winter Gardens Blackpool!

What’s Inside This Episode:

Maureen Nolan Exclusive Interview: Dive into the world of theatre with Maureen Nolan as she discusses her starring role in the much-anticipated production of ‘Calendar Girls’. 

In the Director’s Chair with Joanne Clifton: From the ballroom to the big stage, join us for an exclusive interview with the ballroom legend and musical star, Joanne Clifton.

A Night to Remember – The Rolling Stones Riot: Peter Fielding takes us back to the unforgettable night of the Rolling Stones riot in the Empress Ballroom.

Catching Up with Jimmy Page: Star of ‘Rocketman’.

2024 at Winter Gardens – Our Managing Director, Michael Williams, provides an insightful update on the recent developments at Winter Gardens Blackpool and a sneak peek into what’s in store for 2024.

Full January 2024 Episode

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