The Threepenny Opera

13 December 2018 - 14 December 2018

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Blackpool and the Fylde College Musical Theatre students present the Threepenny Opera in their professional year.

The Threepenny Opera proclaims itself "an opera for beggars," and it was in fact an attempt both to satirize traditional opera and operetta and to create a new kind of musical theatre based on the theories of two young German artists, composer Kurt Weill and poet-playwright Bertolt Brecht.
The Threepenny Opera tells the story of Macheath (a.k.a. Mac the Knife), a notorious killer, thief, and arsonist, who marries Polly Peachum. Polly’s parents, (Mr & Mrs Peachum -The King and Queen of beggars), try to get their revenge by throwing Mac in jail and ultimately want him hanged. What ensues is a cacophony of events that make us question if our crimes of greed and self-serving actions are ever really punished.
This production is set in the future after an apocalypse, as a consequence of this there are no modern forms of communication such as internet or mobile phones and the currency is now plastic, metal and current waste items. The survivors reside in London, due to the accommodation and provisions available being richer than anywhere else in the country. Only the most resilient and adaptable have survived, which has forced the creatives of the nation to use their performance skills to earn a living in very different way in these austere times.

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