The Nature of Why

07 September 2019

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Playfully fusing contemporary dance with a cinematic live-score by Goldfrapp’s Will Gregory, The Nature of Why smashes the divide between musicians, dancers and the audience, in a performance bursting with passion and joyous intensity.
Taking inspiration from the unconventional curiosity of theoretical physicist Richard Feynman, The Nature of Why explores his search for meaning in the world around us. The stage itself becomes a site of discovery as constantly shifting action invites audiences to seek out their own unique encounters; resulting in an epic and immersive theatrical experience like no other.
This isn’t a performance you simply see or hear. It’s one you feel”. (Bristol 24/7)
Commissioned by Unlimited and performed by an ensemble of musicians from The British Paraorchestra, The Nature of Why is choreographed by Caroline Bowditch, conducted by Charles Hazlewood, and directed by Caroline Bowditch and Charles Hazlewood.
Produced by Paraorchestra and Friends.

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