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Hacienda Classical

29 August 2021

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Manchester is a thriving music city and its well-loved 80’s/90’s Madchester scene was a huge part of what put the city on the map. From the heart of the Hacienda came some of the most iconic night in UK clubbing history, ensuring that the venue would earn iconic status, surely to never be forgotten by anyone.

The Hacienda Classical shows pay tribute to those days where the club was thriving and brings on board some of the DJ’s who held nights there such as Graeme Park and Tom Wainwright. What makes the event so unique is that is takes the classic hits from that era and completely reworks them into orchestral arrangements.

The energy of these tracks is retained but unlike any way you’ve ever heard them before, an ecstatic mix of DJ mixes, choirs and an orchestra in full tandem. Coming to Blackpool as special guests Inner City, Peter Hook, Bez, Jocelyn Brown, Crystal Waters, K Klass, Black Box and DJ Tom Wainwright

Minimum Age: 16

From £39.00
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