Ghost Hunts: The Olympia

13 March 2020

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Join us on our very special Friday 13th ghost hunt at The Olympia inside the Winter Gardens, Blackpool.

Following the purchase of the Winter Gardens by the Tower Company in 1928, the Big Wheel was almost immediately dismantled and construction of the (original) Olympia exhibition hall began. It took less than eight months to complete and opened in June 1930. Its interior comprised of stalls and attractions themed by Andrew Mazzei in the form of a Moorish village. Over the years it has been used for exhibitions, conferences, markets and more recently the home of the Illuminasia, the largest indoor illuminations exhibition.

What will you discover on our investigation here? Figures have been seen wandering the hall, music playing when there's no one to play and strange goings-on taking place on the balcony... This event is for those who are 18 and over.


9pm - 2am*

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