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Friday 24 July 1964, The Rolling Stones are set to perform in the Empress Ballroom but not everything goes to plan! The infamous gig led to a 44-year long ban on the Stones performing in resort.

An individual among the 7,000-strong crowd spat at Brian Jones. The guitarist's reaction sparked a riot - ending with smashed chandeliers, torn-out seats and a pulverised Steinway grand piano.

As part of a new series we’re meeting individuals who have a connection with the Winter Gardens Blackpool and the many events it’s hosted.

In episode one, Radio Wave’s Scott Gallagher meets Peter Fielding, band member of The Executives who were booked to warm-up the Rolling Stones on the now legendary night in the Empress Ballroom.


Photo credit Claire Griffiths http://www.retiredperformers.com/


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