The Baronial Hall - A Fairy-tale Venue Hidden Behind the Fairgrounds

12 September 2019 by Editor


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You could be forgiven for thinking that Blackpool is all Kiss Me Quick hats and arcades. After all, the resort is known as the Vegas of the North. But away from the fairgrounds and gift stalls is a hidden fairy-tale venue, the perfect setting for a wedding.

If you’ve dreamed of getting married against a medieval backdrop, or dining like the aristocrats of bygone eras, you will be delighted to discover the breath-taking Baronial Hall, part of the Spanish Suite of rooms in the Winter Gardens. The hall has seen nearly 90 years of fine dining and glamourous occasions, hosting politicians and royalty. Thousands have enjoyed events such as Tudor costume balls, as depicted in this painting.


The Baronial Hall opened in May 1931 as one of a suite of three rooms including The Renaissance Room and The Spanish Hall, replacing the Victoria Hall above the Victoria Street entrance. It was designed by Hollywood film set designer Andrew Mazzei in a luxurious and elaborate Art Deco style, with ornate candelabras casting light over the authentic medieval detailing, featuring tapestries, beams and rich panelling.

Created in the guise of an antique castle and styled like a Jacobean banqueting suite, the hall takes guests on a journey back to the eve of the first millennium.

The atmospheric architecture of the Baronial Hall provides a truly theatrical setting for an unforgettable experience. With a capacity for 300, the small to medium-sized venue is ideal for intimate events and celebrations.

Photo: Ella Jay Pictures

As a licensed wedding venue it provides the most romantic and sumptuous surroundings for exchanging vows, and for brides who dream of wearing an exquisite, period-style bridal gown.

The Baronial Hall offers a unique and memorable space for all kinds of private functions, and despite its historical theme, houses a state-of-the-art kitchen which can supply exquisite meals and refreshments.

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Banner photo: Ella Jay Pictures


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