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During these troubling times two of Blackpool’s venues, the Grand Theatre and Winter Gardens have joined forces to ‘put people in touch’ with each other. Both venues are asking followers and their email subscribers to reach out and offer help to others in the community.

That could be shopping deliveries, just saying hello and chatting or video calling online. All you need do is comment on our post on our social media that you’re up for a conversation, or need help…

A joint statement from Winter Gardens Blackpool and Blackpool Grand Theatre said ‘As venues we are here to support our staff and employees, but the venues also work in the community a great deal and we want to support our local community as much as we can.

 ‘Together as venues, we have the power to connect people who are willing to support others that may be alone in isolation or just need a little company to break up the day.’ 

 We are calling on all entertainment venues to join the cause - The Blackpool Buddy Scheme!

 The Blackpool Buddy Scheme - Simply visit a venue’s social channels and tell us if you are up for a chat, then others can see and can make contact!

 The Blackpool Buddy Scheme - Follow both organisations at;

Facebook @blackpoolgrand

Twitter @Grand_Theatre

Instagram grandtheatrebpl

Facebook @WGBpl

Twitter @WGBpl

Instagram @wgbpl

Or follow the new account at @VenueBuddy


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