Attention Please! Very Important Announcements About The Girl on the Train

07 November 2019 by Editor


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The gripping story of The Girl On The Train has been hurtling across the UK, stopping off at the West End and picking up rave reviews along the way.

Based on Paula Hawkins' best-selling novel and the subsequent movie by DreamWorks Pictures, it tells the story of Rachel, a 30-something, alcoholic divorcee who discovers the woman she’s secretly been watching has suddenly disappeared - making her a witness and even a potential suspect. Adapted for the stage by Rachel Wagstaff and Duncan Abel, and full of shocking twists and turns, the runaway success of The Girl on The Train shows no sign of slowing down.

Here are some facts about the story's journey ahead of the show’s arrival at the Opera House, 19th-23rd November:

- It’s been hailed as the fastest selling adult book of all time, remaining at the top of the UK hardback book chart for 20 weeks. Released in January 2015, it sold more than a million copies within two months and has now sold more than 20 million worldwide.

- Author Paula Hawkins, a former finance journalist for The Times, was about to give up on her dream of becoming a successful fiction writer when she was writing The Girl On The Train. She couldn’t afford to wait and see if she got a book deal, so sent the unfinished manuscript to a publisher.

- The film rights were bought by DreamWorks Pictures before the book was even published, with British actress Emily Blunt in talks to play the central character Rachel Watson shortly after it hit the shelves.

- Fans who were unhappy about the book’s location being moved to New York for the movie will he pleased to know the setting returns to London for the stage play.

- There are three narrators in the book, Rachel, Anna and Megan, whereas the movie and stage play are both from the point of view of Rachel, played by Samantha Womack for the UK tour. On stage for the entire production, the former EastEnders star had 70 pages of dialogue to learn and has received much acclaim for her portrayal of Rachel - a huge departure from her preceding role as Morticia in The Addams Family UK Tour.

- Whilst the characters are fictional, the idea for The Girl On The Train came from the author’s own commute into London, when she would look into the living rooms of houses close to the train track.

- Author Paula Hawkins researched alcohol-induced memory loss for insight into how Rachel, an alcoholic who has blackouts, would behave.

- Paula Hawkins has dismissed comparisons to the best-selling book and movie Gone Girl, and was quoted in The Hollywood Reporter as saying: "Amy Dunne is a psychopath, an incredibly controlling and manipulative, smart, cunning woman. Rachel is just a mess who can't do anything right."

- Those how already know the story are still in for a surprise. The play involves a plot twist at the end which was discussed with Paula Hawkins when the script was being developed - and revealed to be one the author had in fact considered herself.

- In the movie we see Rachel peeping out of the train into the lives of the people she passes. In the play the stage is the carriage, and those in the audience become the voyeurs.

This exciting psychological thriller promises to keep “passengers” on the edge of their seats. Book your ticket here


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