Exhibitor Success at Winter Gardens Blackpool: Experience Seamless Support and Comprehensive Services

Discover Our Bespoke Planning and Exceptional Amenities for Exhibitors

At Winter Gardens Blackpool, we understand the importance of providing a seamless and well-organized experience for exhibitors at our events. Our dedicated team ensures that each exhibitor receives a bespoke plan tailored to their specific requirements, covering access and deliveries, exhibitor services, catering, and parking. Let us help you make the most of your exhibition experience with our comprehensive support and outstanding amenities.

Winter Gardens Blackpool is the ideal venue for your conference or meeting. With multiple venue options, scalability, flexibility, and an experienced team, we provide everything you need to create a successful and memorable event. Embrace the exceptional atmosphere and social value of Winter Gardens Blackpool and make your conference one for the books. Contact us today to discuss your event requirements and discover how we can make your vision a reality.

Bespoke Planning for Exhibitors: Our team works closely with each exhibitor to develop a customised plan that addresses their unique needs and preferences. We take into account crucial details such as access and delivery schedules, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free setup and breakdown process. Our attentive approach ensures that exhibitors can focus on showcasing their products or services without any logistical concerns.

Exhibitor Services: Winter Gardens Blackpool offers a range of exhibitor services designed to support and enhance your exhibition experience. From technical assistance and booth design to promotional support and lead generation, our team is committed to helping you maximise your exhibition’s potential and achieve your objectives.

Catering Options: We understand the importance of providing high-quality catering options for exhibitors during their time at our venue. Our experienced catering team offers a diverse selection of menu options, accommodating various dietary requirements and preferences. Choose from our range of convenient and delicious catering options to keep your team energised and focused throughout the event.

Parking and Accessibility: Winter Gardens Blackpool is committed to providing convenient parking options for exhibitors. With ample parking spaces located near the venue, we ensure easy access and hassle-free transportation for your team and materials

Contact our event team today to discuss your exhibitor requirements and discover how Winter Gardens Blackpool can provide the support, expertise, and commitment you need to make your event a resounding success.


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