New Volunteer Programme to deliver community outreach

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Venue launches its first Volunteer Programme to deliver community outreach.

The Winter Gardens is looking for local people who would like to be involved in building its community base as a part of a new volunteer programme.

By encouraging local people to get involved in delivering some of the events and activities that take place in the venue it hopes to create a real sense of community ownership and civic pride.

Residents keen to become involved will be invited to a full briefing before completing a trial session at the venue. If the trial is successful, they will be invited for a full induction and presented with a full staff pass and access to the building.

A range of activities will form the volunteering role, including delivering the popular Winter Gardens guided tours, talking to the public and giving out information at events and advising and contributing towards the venue’s fundraising activities.

Longer term, it is hoped that the new volunteer team can connect the venue with specific groups encouraging them to utilise the Winter Gardens’ space for community events.

Michael Williams, Managing Director of the Winer Gardens said: “As a venue we aspire to be at the heart of the local community and want to deliver programmes that connect with active groups, engage with local people and create opportunities.

“For example, as the home to some of the biggest dance events in the world, it would be rewarding to develop a community dance event, aligned to a local school, through our volunteers. This would provide opportunities for people to improve their physical and mental health and promote the sense of wellbeing that dance can bring.” 

To be considered as a volunteer you will need a passion for the resort, a desire to reach out to the community and the ability to travel to the venue when required.

Interested parties should send a brief introduction about themselves and a paragraph about why they would like to be involved to [email protected]

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