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Winter Gardens Blackpool Announces New Reusable Cup Scheme Eliminating Over 650,000 Single-Use Plastics Annually

Winter Gardens Blackpool is delighted to announce the continued roll-out of its new eco-friendly initiative aimed at combating single-use plastic waste. This innovative scheme introduces reusable cups, replacing single-use plastics at future events, phasing out the use of over 650,000 disposable plastic cups annually.

In a collaborative partnership with Event Cup Solutions, the company behind the One Planet, One Chance Reusable Cup System ®, drinks will be served in the reusable cups in a significant stride towards ensuring sustainability in our operations and reducing environmental impact.

“The environmental savings and impact of this initiative are immense. We are effectively preventing over 650,000 single-use plastics from entering our waste stream annually,” said Michael Williams Winter Gardens Blackpool, Managing Director. “It’s our responsibility to lead the charge for sustainability in the live events industry, and this reusable cup initiative is a crucial part of that mission.”

The process is simple: Patrons buy their drinks and enjoy them in the reusable cups. After use, they can swap their cup for a clean one at any bar across the venue. Rather than taking them home, guests are asked to return the cups, helping the venue maintain a cycle of reuse.

“We’re excited about this new initiative not just because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it enhances our guests’ experience,” said Michael. “Our patrons can now enjoy their drinks knowing they’re contributing to a sustainable future.”

The continued roll of this new initiative following successful trials is scheduled for the PDC World MatchPlay Darts 2023 event, beginning at Winter Gardens Blackpool from Saturday, July 15, 2023. Winter Gardens Blackpool looks forward to welcoming guests and creating unforgettable experiences with a new eco-conscious twist.

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