Our top tips for managing the logistics of your event effectively

Logistics may not be the most exciting aspect of hosting an event, but it is absolutely vital for ensuring everything runs smoothly on the day. Without a proper plan in place to manage your logistics, you’re asking for trouble.

Read on to find out our top tips for managing event logistics effectively.

Find and secure your venue in plenty of time

It’s a good idea to choose your venue ahead of time to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible and that there are no last-minute problems. From securing your event venue and the dates, venue logistics can take time so it’s also a good idea to start on your paperwork as soon as you can.

Many event organisers allow time within their schedules to deal with any unexpected requirements. 

Identify all of the different tasks required and who is responsible for each

There are lots of elements involved with organising an event and there are plenty of things to organise in order to make sure the entire event runs smoothly.

Making a list of all the tasks involved and assigning a member of staff to each not only ensures that all tasks are dealt with properly, but it means all of your staff are on the same page and understand their roles and responsibilities.

Plan entry and exit areas

On the day of your event, there’s likely to be a lot of people moving in and out of your venue. Therefore, to avoid chaos you should plan the entrances and exits to help you manage crowd flow on the day and to ensure there’s no confusion amongst your staff members and attendees.

It’s also a good idea to have a plan in place for turning an entrance into an exit in case of any emergencies. Ensuring all exits are easily accessible is also essential. 

Ensure a high level of security

Security is a vital aspect of any event in order to ensure the health and safety of all attendees and your staff members. Organise security staff ahead of time in order to ensure the best deals and to make sure people are available for your event date.

At Winter Gardens, we have a dedicated security team as well as preferred vendors who know the venue inside and out. They are highly trained in providing quality event security at the most competitive prices. Find out more here.

Set a timetable

There is a lot to organise when it comes to event logistics, so write it all down! Creating a timetable of when each task needs to be completed by can go a long way to helping you feel more relaxed and on top of things, as well as reducing the chances of anything being forgotten. 

Once you have created the timetable, share it with your team to make sure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same thing.

Have a contingency plan in place

The best event organisers are excellent at planning for the unexpected. Having a plan in place for if something does go wrong is really important and will also help to keep your mind at ease. 

You can find out more about creating a contingency plan here.

Maintain communication with team members

Communication is absolutely vital when arranging anything, and an event is certainly no different. Make sure all of your team members are on the same page and know what is happening and when in order to avoid any confusion or potential issues from arising. 

Organise transport and accommodation

Transport and accommodation can be an important aspect. If your event isn’t local for you, you’ll need to find somewhere for you and your team to stay. Additionally, if you have arranged for any speakers or special guests, you’ll also need to arrange their transport and accommodation.

Booking early and conducting thorough research of the area is key to ensuring you find great accommodation options at the right price.

At Winter Gardens, we work closely with many local organisations who can help you find the best deals and options on all transport and accommodation.

Logistics can take a lot of organising and experience to get right, luckily we’re here to help. The team at Winter Gardens are on hand to help you plan the finer details of your event. Find out more about our logistics service here.

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