Key Event Trends for 2020

The events industry, as with any industry, is constantly changing and evolving to meet demands. Although it’s hard to say what will happen in the future, there are some trends arising which will carry on into the new year.

Read on to find out what the key trends are for the event industry for 2020…

The events industry is growing

Generally speaking, the events industry is growing rapidly with more and more people seeing the benefits of hosting them. In fact, events have been rated as the most effective marketing channel for B2B marketers!

So, going into 2020 there will be no dip in demand for event organisers and more and more businesses are likely to be implementing events into their own marketing strategies.

Bigger marketing budgets are being spent on events

Events are taking up more and more of organisations marketing budgets, in fact, many organisations spend 20-50% of their budget on events! This is hardly surprising given the fact that they are considered to be one of the most effective forms of marketing.

Going into 2020, if organisations want to get the highest possible return on investment from their events, they need to –

  • Set some strategic objectives and base decisions on venue, dates, entertainment etc around these
  • Measure everything they possibly can
  • Use the data that they’ve collected to further improve your events in the future.

Apps are becoming increasingly important

Many events already incorporate mobile apps and mobile registration forms, however, currently apps are optional and certainly not essential in hosting a successful event. 

As technology advances, it’s likely that event apps will become the norm and more widely used going into 2020. Many event organisers are beginning to explore and experiment on app technology to see what is possible, while others are just beginning to realise they should begin to implement more mobile app technology.

Event organisers will be increasingly focused on safety and security

Security is essential for any event and helps to ensure the safety of all event attendees and staff members. However, the increasing range of threats means that an even bigger emphasis will be put on ensuring health and safety methods are put in place.

Therefore, if you are hosting an event in 2020, it’s a good idea to spend some time ensuring that your event is completely safe and secure from potential threats.

Events are generally getting bigger

Generally speaking, events are getting increasingly popular with more and more people attending, this is going to continue to rise throughout 2020. The increasing number of attendees means that effective event management needs to be in place to manage the increasing demand and event footfall.

People want to be actively participating in the events that they attend

People no longer want to just attend events and listen to what speakers and guests have to say, they want to be actively involved and engaged. Although interactive sessions can put a bit more pressure on those presenting, they do help to retain more attendees and keep them coming back in the future. Additionally, by including your attendees in activities, they are more likely to share photos and posts on social media which can help to attract more attendees in the future.

Therefore, if you are hosting an event in 2020, try to incorporate some interactive elements for your attendees. 

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