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The Winter Gardens Blackpool, the Greatest Palace of Amusement in the World. Far more than just a building, the historic Winter Gardens complex has played an integral part in so many of our lives over the years and we want to take the time to retell the stories. As part of a new campaign, we want to celebrate YOUR Winter Gardens and what the venue means to you. #WGStories

From life-changing moments, unforgettable gigs, breath-taking shows and world-changing events, this amazing 6,458sq ft complex means so many different things to so many people and we want to highlight that in the My Winter Gardens campaign.

Since 1878 the Winter Gardens has been a jewel in Blackpool’s crown, welcoming millions of visitors annually across its range of venues from the majestic Empress Ballroom to the breath-taking Spanish Suites and awe-inspiring Opera House to name but a few. The venue has welcomed the biggest names across the worlds of entertainment, sport, business, politics and even royalty have graced its halls.

It is the home of thousands of love stories, the stage of success for countless musical theatre stars, the absolute must-venue for rock and pop stars from across the globe, and the scene of so many political successes and, sometimes failures, over the years.

Winter Gardens Floral Hall c 1904 (web)
Winter Gardens Floral Hall 1904
Winter Gardens Open Day 2018 by CJGriffiths
Winter Gardens Open Day 2018 by CJGriffiths

But what does the Winter Gardens mean to you? Do you want to share your story?

Whether you fell in love while dancing in the Empress, whether you have treaded the boards of the Opera House or whether your political career was born through listening to the greats of our time speaking from the podium here.

Maybe you met your partner at the infamous Rolling Stones gig in the Empress back in 1964 or did you simply hurtle down the ‘Death slide’ at Professor Peabody’s?

So different to so many people My Winter Gardens will highlight what the venue means to the individuals who use it today and the stories it has created since 1878. We want to use this campaign as an opportunity to use video, audio and photography to retell your stories. You can check out some of the amazing stories from our previous campaign below.



Looking back on our previous #WGStories Campaign, the fantastic Scott Gallagher met with some amazing guests and we heard their stories on how the Winter Gardens played an integral part of their lives.

Meet Karl Bartoni, escapologist and backstage technician at the Winter Gardens Blackpool who once used the fly bars high above the Opera House stage to practise his escapes. Frank Lucas, driver to some of the biggest names from the world of entertainment and politics including Winston Churchill and Frank Sinatra. Scott also met with ex-ballroom starlet Pat Print who reminisces on her memories of dancing in the worlds biggest dance festival in the magnificent Empress Ballroom.


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