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29 April: Usdaw Conference

29 April: Lancashire Schools Dance Competition  

30 April: Usdaw Conference 

31 April: Usdaw Conference          

01 May: Usdaw Conference 

02 May: Small private conference

03 May: Funky Fusion

03 May: Daniel O’Donnell

03 May: Young Farmers

03 May: British Isles Championship

04 May: Funky Fusion

04 May: Daniel O’Donnell

04 May: Young Farmers

04 May: NODA Awards

04 May: British Isles Championship

05 May: Funky Fusion

05 May: Young Farmers

05 May:  NODA Awards

05 May:  Association of American Dancing

05 May: British Isles Championship


06 May:                             

07 May:              

08 May: Small private conference                            

09 May: Awards Dinner

09 May: A Night of Burlesque                       

10 May:                              

11 May: Boxing

11 May: May Brass Bands Competition

12 May:              

13 May: Elvis World Tour

14 May:                             

15 May: Ghost Tour                         

16 May: What’s Love Got To Do With It    

17 May: Johannes Radebe              

18 May: Blackpool Dance Festival

18 May: Don’t Stop Believin

19 May: Blackpool Dance Festival

19 May: 80’s Live

20 May: Blackpool Dance Festival

21 May:  Blackpool Dance Festival

21 May:  Strictly Come Dancing The Pros

22 May: Blackpool Dance Festival

23 May: Blackpool Dance Festival              

24 May: Blackpool Dance Festival

24 May:  Queen by Candlelight  

25 May: Blackpool Dance Festival

25 May: Sweet Caroline

26 May: Blackpool Dance Festival

27 May: Blackpool Dance Festival

28 May: Blackpool Dance Festival

29 May: Blackpool Dance Festival

30 May: Blackpool Dance Festival

31 May:  Blackpool Dance Festival

01 June: To be updated 

02 June: To be updated 

Exclusive Staff Offers

Active Blackpool Membership

Active Blackpool is delighted to offer all employees of Winter Gardens Blackpool discounted memberships at our fitness centers. This offer includes access to three well-equipped facilities, each featuring a range of amenities to suit different fitness preferences:

  • Blackpool Sports Centre: Enjoy an 82-station gym, indoor cycling, a climbing wall, athletics track, and more.
  • Moor Park Health & Leisure Centre: Facilities include a 56-station gym, swimming pools, and a sports hall.
  • Palatine Leisure Centre: This center boasts a competition swimming pool, a gym, cycling track, and football pitches.

Membership Options and Prices

  • Single: £19.99/month
  • Joint (2 adults): £33.99/month
  • Family (2 adults + children under 18): £42.99/month
  • Junior (11-13 years): £10.00/month (Special gym times apply)

Membership Benefits:

  • Unlimited access to gym, swimming, and fitness classes across all sites.
  • Includes personalized gym plans and fitness tracking.
  • Facilities such as climbing walls and athletics tracks are available (competency tests required for certain activities).

Additional Details:

  • One-time joining fee of £10 per membership.
  • No contract required; memberships can be canceled any time before the 15th of each month.
  • Corporate membership eligibility requires only one member to be an employee (ID or wage slip required).
  • Free 3-day passes available on showing your employee ID.

Exclusive Discounts at Abingdon Street Market for Winter Gardens Blackpool Staff

Enjoy exclusive benefits at Abingdon Street Market with a special discount offer tailored for the staff of Winter Gardens Blackpool. Experience the best of dining and drinks at our selected bars and food outlets.

Where You Can Save:

  • Bars: Public and Nomad
  • Food Outlets: Neighbourhood Subs and Capo
  • Discount: 15% off on your purchases

How to Avail the Discount:

  • Present a valid and current payslip or ID from Winter Gardens Blackpool when you visit.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The 15% discount is available any time during regular operating hours and applies to all beverages and selected food purchases.
  • Discounts can be availed at Public, Nomad, Neighbourhood Subs, and Capo. However, it does not apply to Pizzarana, TukTuk, Flipadelphia, Nensho, & Amexicana.
  • This offer is non-transferable and cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.
  • The discount is only applicable to purchases made at the designated counters for Neighbourhood Subs and Capo.


Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to unwind and enjoy great savings at Abingdon Street Market. We’re excited to offer these perks as a token of appreciation for your hard work and dedication at Winter Gardens Blackpool!

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