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With many different events held all the time, event organisers are faced with the challenge of encouraging people to attend their event over competitors. But how can you go about doing this? Below are some of the main ways you can differentiate your event and stand out from competitors.

Put your attendees first

The first way to make your event different from all other ones is to prioritise your attendees. People want to know they’re being heard and cared about before during and after your event. It can be quite difficult to remember to focus on your attendees with so much to focus your mind on when planning and hosting an event, budgets, ticket sales and speaker fees to name just a few.

The good news is, thanks to innovative event technology, it doesn’t take much to give your attendees amazing service. Using an event registration platform that integrates with your CRM and marketing tools, for example, means you can refer to an attendee by name and organisation when communicating with them. And if they attended your previous events, you can even welcome them back.

These little touches add up to make your attendee feel as though they’re important, helping to differentiate your event from others.

Deliver a memorable experience

Although people are interested in the quality of your event’s content and the networking potential, they’re also seeking great experiences. However you choose to differentiate yourself from competition, you must design the emotional layer of the event.

You may choose to host your event in a unique venue or put together some different activities that allow your attendees to interact more with the event.

The key thing to bear in mind is that people are generally looking for unique experiences and setting. If you can provide this at your event, you’ll be able to set yourself apart from competitors.

Don’t overlook the details

Messy check-in tables, inaccurate program schedule or audiovisual problems? While all of these issues may seem pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, they can give the impression of negligence or that you don’t care that much about the event. Your demeanour, when planning and hosting your event, will affect your attendees’ overall experience. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the smaller details and to minimise any possible issues that may appear during the event.

Keep your guests’ undivided attention

It’s already difficult to grab and maintain your attendees’ focus. With constantly buzzing smartphones and email notifications, chances are they’re only giving you a fragment of their attention. But having one eye on the speaker and another on the screen of a smartphone or notebook isn’t a way to enjoy an event. To keep this from happening, encourage your attendees to disconnect from their phones and completely immerse themselves in the event experience.


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