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Influencers have been used by many companies to promote products or brands across social media. Generally, this involves product placements and brand mentions, with the influencer being paid an agreed amount per post. However, brands are beginning to realise that influencers can be really effective at promoting events.

This could be anything from brand events and conferences to influencer events and concerts. The partnership tends to be really effective as the influencer can help to boost visibility and engagement around the brand and event.

In fact, according to Launchmetrics, 28.1% of marketers preferred to work with influencers mainly for events. And 41.6% preferred to work with them for product launches. So, according to this study, events are the second most popular scenario for marketers to utilise influencers in their marketing campaigns.

However, you can’t just invite influencers to your event and expect it to all be a huge success on its own. You need to carefully plan the whole partnership to make sure it brings the results you’re looking for. 

Read on for some of our tips for utilising influencer marketing effectively. 

Study your guest list and your audience

Finding any influencer and asking them to promote your event probably isn’t the best idea, and won’t be beneficial to your event. You need to make sure that you find influencers who appeal to your target audience and your event attendees. Therefore, you need to carefully study your guest list and your social media audience.

Look at the demographics and try to identify which influencers will be most suitable. If you’re struggling, you could simply asl your audience through polls and surveys on social media. You could put together a few celebrities and influencers, and ask them to choose who they are most likely to listen to. Based on their responses, you should be able to gather some information on the kind of influencers that will be most effective in promoting your event.

Once you’ve chosen your influencer, get them to generate pre-event buzz

In many cases, you will want your influences to talk about your event before it begins. They could share pictures of the invite or what they’re going to wear, but this will depend on the nature of your event! By sharing information and reminding their followers of your event, this will help to generate buzz and excitement and get people to tune in for more event-related content.

Generating excitement around your event is important if you want to drive high attendance and get people talking, ultimately leading to a ticket sell-out!

Ask your influencer to share your content

As mentioned above, the purpose of inviting influencers to your event is so that they will talk about it. Ask your influencers to share photos and videos from your event with their followers along with your chosen event hashtag.

They could even share a live feed or stories to document their experience. After all, this is a great way to maintain authenticity by capturing real-time images and videos of the event experience. Therefore, their followers can get a real feel of what it’s like to be at one of your events.

Share event content after it ends

Influencers creating content about your event is a really effective way of expanding your reach and bringing in new audiences. However, you should also create and share content about the event well after it ends, this helps to maintain credibility, keep your audience engaged and increase interest for your next event.

Ideas include posting any professional photos you had taken or even writing a few sentences detailing the best bits from your event. Additionally, you can repost the pictures your influencer has shared to further increase visibility.

Closing thoughts…

Above are a few tips for using influencers to effectively promote your event. It’s really important that you carefully plan your marketing campaigns and ensure your influencers fit into that plan. It’s also a good idea to get in contact with influencers well in advance as they tend to be busy people with tight schedules. So, to avoid disappointment, get in touch in plenty of time of your event. 

Here at Winter Gardens, our team are well versed in event marketing and can help to generate interest on a local and national scale. Get in touch on [email protected] or call 01253 625252 to find out how we can help.


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