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Ensuring that your attendees are engaged before during and after your event is a crucial aspect of ensuring success. But how do you go about making sure that your event is fun and interactive for those who attend? Below we’ve got some key ways to ensure attendee engagement throughout each stage of your event. 

How to Increase Audience Participation Before an Event

Engaging with your audience before the date of the event can be a really good way of selling more tickets! It'll also be a great addition to your pre-event marketing. Below are some ways of increasing engagement before your event.

- Write and publish blog posts

You can write blog posts about anything to do with your event, from the venue and speakers to the entertainment and food, there are plenty of topics to choose from. You can even link to your blog from your social media channels to boost traffic and engagement.

- Create an event hashtag

Hashtags are huge these days across social media, so you may as well use them to your advantage. Create an event hashtag and then encourage everyone to use it when posting about your event, this will keep all social media posts in one place for people to see them.

Of course, your event hashtag needs to be unique to you and not used by anyone else.

- Use online influencers

Teaming up with an influencer in your industry is a great way to reach more people and let them know about your event. Even better, invite your influencer along to your event so that they can update their followers throughout.

- Do a giveaway competition

Social media giveaways are a great way to spread awareness and ultimately sell more tickets for your event. Not only that, but they also allow your audience to create user-generated content across social media in the weeks leading up to your event.

How to Increase Audience Participation During an Event

It’s really important to keep your attendees engaged throughout the event itself, as this can affect satisfaction levels and whether people choose to return to your events in the future. 

- Make sure your event is entertaining and informative

Hosting an entertaining or informative events is key to keeping your attendees engaged throughout.

- Arrange small competitions during the event

In addition to the giveaway contests before the event, you can also run crowd engagement activities on the day. Giving out prizes to winners and hosting small award ceremonies is a great way of making sure your attendees remain engaged throughout your event.

- Keep your social media accounts updated

Keeping everyone in the loop by updating your social media accounts is a good way to keep not just your attendees engaged, but also your followers who haven't been able to attend this event

Ways in which you can use social media during your event are:

  • Live video certain aspects of the event
  • Quote your speakers throughout the event
  • Post images throughout the day
  • Send out reminders of certain aspects that are “not to be missed”.

- Host a Q&A 

Question and answer sessions are a great way to keep engagement high amongst those who attend your event. Plus, if they’ve seen an interesting speaker, your guests will no doubt have a few questions they’d like to ask. 

Maintaining Engagement After the Event

Audience engagement shouldn’t just stop as soon as your event finishes. Now is the perfect time to ask for feedback so that you can make your next event is even better.

So take the time after your event to send out a survey to those who attended your event. Questions you can ask include - 

  • What was your favourite part of the event?
  • Would you recommend us to your friends or family?
  • Out of 10, how happy were you with the food options?

By doing this, not only will your attendees feel more valued, but you’ll also gain useful insights for your next event.


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