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No matter how great the concept is for any event, they almost never just ‘sell themselves.’ This is where event marketing comes into the picture.

But with so many channels to choose from, which should you use to market your upcoming event? Read on to find out more about the main event marketing channels.

Social Media

When it comes to the marketing channels that drive attendance, hype and engagement, social media is right near the top. With several platforms to use, from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Snapchat, you can get the word out about your event to various segments of your audience. 

Deciding on which platform to use generally depends on the industry you are in and who your target audience is. But generally speaking, if you promote on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you’ll be well covered. 

Another key aspect you need to remember with social media marketing is to pick and use a hashtag. When you post anything related to your event, use your hashtag. You can also promote your hashtag across all your communication channels to encourage other people to use it. 

To maximise engagement with your posts, you’ll want to include images and varied content such as industry news or lifestyle. You should try to keep your posts conversational, engaging and not too ‘salesy.’

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of marketing an event, in fact, 85% of event marketers choose email marketing campaigns to promote their event

When it comes to email marketing, creating excitement around your event is key. Include images, videos and exciting content, this can help to increase the number of people buying tickets for your event. 

You can find out more about promoting your event using email here.

Content Marketing

Content marketing can be a really effective way of helping sell out your event. Through content marketing, you can communicate information that will trigger excitement in those who already have their tickets and a sense of curiosity in those potential ticket buyers.

Topical, well-written, and industry-leading content can really help to enhance your event’s marketing strategy. It’s also a good idea to include content of varying formats such as blog posts, ebooks and videos.

It’s important to remember that the purpose of your content will depend on the stage your event is at. For example, the content before the event will be aiming to engage with and inform potential attendees, content during your event will be used to update the wider audience who may not be present at the event but are following online, and the content after your event will highlight the best bits and maximise the impact of your event. 

Word of Mouth Marketing

Almost all marketing efforts for your event will revolve around word-of-mouth marketing and getting people talking about your event. 

When other people are talking about your event and their intention of buying tickets and attending, this will generally increase the chances of getting more attendees without any effort from you. Word of mouth marketing does tend to be really effective as well since 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family over any other type of advertising

Word of mouth isn’t just freat for attracting more attendees, but it also creates hype around your event. When more and more people are talking about your event, you have more chances of creating momentum and excitement. 

You can find out more about word of mouth marketing for events here

Closing thoughts…

When it comes to event marketing, there are a range of different effective channels you can use to increase awareness, drive interest and ultimately increase the number of tickets you sell. 

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