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Nowadays it seems like almost every event is being live streamed, whether it’s just the main parts or the full thing from start to finish, and for good reason! Live streaming is a really effective way of expanding your reach and attracting a new audience of people who maybe didn’t know about your event, or were unable to attend it. 

Live streaming an event may seem relatively straight forward, but it does require strategic thinking and careful planning to make it a worthwhile success. We’re here to help with our guide to live streaming, so read on to find out more!

The Benefits of Live Streaming 

First things first, you’re probably wondering what value live streaming will bring to your event and why should you actually bother. Well, as we’ve already mentioned, live streaming is a great way to improve visibility and it helps you gain a new audience who may not have heard of your event before.

Live streaming also enables attendees to share the event with friends and co-workers who may be interested, which further expands your reach. 

Additionally, knowing that your event is going to be live streamed can be an important selling point for speakers or event entertainers as they’ll be able to reach more people and potentially gain more work from it. 

So, not only does it help to attract new attendees for your future events, live streaming can increase brand recognition and help you attract better speakers and entertainers for your event. 

Identify your Purpose of Live Streaming

Now that we’re clear on the benefits of live streaming, you’ll want to know how you should go about implementing it. The first step is to identify your purpose and what you’re actually trying to achieve through live streaming.

To do this, you need to think about your remote audience and the experience you want them to have. Do you want them to get the full event experience and live stream the full thing? Or maybe you want to live stream snippets to give your remote audience a taste of your events that will encourage them to attend in the future? There’s no right or wrong answer and it all depends on your event goals and what you’re trying to achieve. 

Create a Strategy

Once you’ve determined your strategy, you can start creating your live stream strategy. It’s important to not fall into the trap of focusing solely on the technical aspects of live streaming, even the best live streamed event is still ineffective if it wasn’t targeted at the right people or didn’t create the right experience.

Choose your audience and consider the experience you want to give them. A live stream focused on giving people the same experience remotely as they would have at a professional event is going to be much different from a live stream that simply acts as a way to spread the brand’s message by showing potential customers what’s happening during a specific conference session. 

Planning a live stream should be part of your event strategy and plan from the early stages, otherwise, it will likely feel disconnected and be ineffective. 

The Key Points

The key things to remember when you are live streaming an event is to make sure that the camera is set up in a place that won’t be in the way and that won’t have people constantly walking in front of it. It’s, therefore, a good idea to test the equipment and the feeds before the event begins.

Another thing you need to consider is whether or not the internet at the venue is reliable and fast. This impacts how quickly the feed can be converted and sent out. If you know you’ll be live streaming a large portion of your event to people around the world, make sure the venue’s internet can handle it before you sign the venue contract.

The last thing to bear in mind, the reliability and speed of a user’s internet will impact whether or not they can clearly stream the event. This is one aspect of a live stream you don’t have control over, but people tend to assume it’s your responsibility. No matter what service you choose to stream, there will likely always be someone who can’t get on it on their end for reasons that are out of your control. Be prepared to deal with people who are frustrated that they can’t get a clear stream, even when it isn’t your fault.


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