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All event organisers want as many people to attend their events as possible, and they also want them to continue attending them in the future, preferably with other colleagues or friends. But how do you go about making your event a “must-attend”?

Well, one way to achieve this without breaking the bank is through event branding.

But first, what is event branding?

Event branding goes beyond just a logo and a catchy tagline, it’s about the emotional perception of your event. With a strong brand, your event guests will be able to create a mental shortcut that simplifies how they think about your business and your event, so when seeing your brand, people will be reminded of the kind of experience they can expect. Over time, a good brand can create trust and loyalty between you and your attendees.

What makes a strong event brand?

In order to generate success, a brand needs to have the following qualities -

  • It needs to be unique - your potential event attendees want to know how your event will differ and compare to others. Therefore it goes without saying that your event needs to represent an experience that others can’t. Uniqueness is also vital if you want attendees to recognise your brand and for it to stand out amongst competitors.
  • It must have meaning behind it - in order to resonate with your attendees, your brand needs to be relevant to their needs and provide them with a valuable experience. The first step to creating a meaningful brand is through developing a deep understanding of your target audience.
  • It must be consistent - it’s vital that your event branding is consistent across all media, from your event website to your post-event survey. Consistency helps to build brand credibility and trust between you and your event attendees.

How to go about building an event brand…

To put it simply, every strong brand has a single, defining benefit that stands out and differentiates itself from others, this is referred to as a brand promise.

In order to create a brand promise, you need to strip it all back and look at what your purpose of the event is, what are you offering to event attendees and why should they come to your event?

Next, you need to look at the most attractive features of your event, maybe it’s the event speakers or the great catering you have. From here you can identify what the main benefits are to your event and why people should attend. These benefits should include the emotional benefits as well as physical, for example, your event may help attendees to feel empowered or motivated to succeed.

You can then use these emotional benefits to form your brand identity and what your event represents.


Here at Winter Gardens, our internal team are well versed in event marketing and can help to generate interest on both a national and local scale. To find out more about our services contact our team on 01254 629700 or email us at [email protected].


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