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When most people think of festivals, they picture muddy wellies, open-air stages and the great outdoors. However, in recent years there has been a trend towards organising internal festivals indoors. Winter Gardens Blackpool has played home to a variety of festivals, such as the annual Rebellion Punk Festival, which has been held at our iconic venue for most years since it first started back in 1996.

Open-air festivals are great, but there are certain advantages to organising an indoor event instead. Especially from the point of view of an event organiser, it can really save a few headaches!

#1 - Weather considerations

The most obvious advantage is that the festival is not dictated by the elements, which is a huge benefit in the UK. Our climate can be unpredictable, to say the least, and there’s always a risk that an event can become a washout or even be called off due to downpour or gale force winds. In fact, just last year this sadly happened to Camp Bestival in Dorset after the festival site was battered with heavy rain and gale force winds and had to close for safety reasons.

#2 - Seasonality

Perhaps linked very strongly to the weather advantage, seasonality can be another important factor. Open-air festivals are for the most part only suitable to take place during the Spring/Summer months. Internal festivals offer event organisers a full year-round calendar in which to plan a festival, this can be a distinct advantage due to the competition that takes place during these months and enable an event to stand out from the pack during a more traditionally quiet time of the year.  

#3 - The infrastructure

Anyone who has ever organised a festival will know that the list of things you need to make it a success is huge. Staff, security, bars, food, stages, tents and everything else need to be accounted for, the list is never-ending! Well, with many internal venues these things are already on-site and available for use. At Winter Gardens Blackpool, for example, the stages are already in place, we have bars and restaurants on-site, as well as a catering team. We can also help to source all of your ticketing, staffing and security requirements.  

#4 - The facilities

The European Festival Market Report, a study of festival goers, took place back in 2014 and found that a massive 67% noted that they missed certain home comforts, such as clean toilets (23.1%), a bed (18.4%) and phone reception (5.6%). For the most part, an internal festival can negate each of these requirements. Guests will more than likely stay at home or in a hotel for the duration of the event, meaning they have access to clean and comfortable facilities throughout.

#5 - The cost

As previously mentioned, the infrastructure and production requirements for an outdoor festival are massive, so it only stands to reason that the costs will match. Depending on the size, some outdoor festivals can require cost outlays of up to £500,000, if not more. And that’s before a single ticket has been sold or an act booked. It’s these costs that have a knock-on effect and lead to the rising ticket costs for outdoor festivals. With smaller overheads, it’s typically possible to price tickets more competitively, leading to a higher chance of success.


Winter Gardens Blackpool is the ideal solution for an internal festival, offering multiple connected venues all under a single roof. Our team are on hand to make sure your event is a success with dedicated support and a variety of additional services. Call us on 01253 629728 or email [email protected].


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