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When it comes to promoting events, marketers always seem to turn to emails, and with good reason! Email marketing can be extremely effective in driving subscribers to sign up and attend your event, which in turn drives ROI.

According to research, 78% of event organisers believe that email marketing is the most effective marketing channel for promoting events. So how do you go about using emails to effectively market your event? Below we have 8 strategies you can use.

Create excitement when you announce your event

Making sure your potential attendees know about your event is the very first step, and making them aware in an exciting way can work wonders for driving registrations. The main thing with this email strategy is to write your email content as though it’s breaking news. This can help your subscribers feel as though they’re the first to hear about the event and gets the excitement and enthusiasm flowing.

Include a video in your email

Research by EyeView video found that having a video on a page increased conversions by 80%. And another study found that 70% of marketers said that video is more effective than any other content in driving conversions.

Including a short video from a previous event is a great way of showing subscribers and potential attendees what they can expect from your event, this can help to increase your number of registrations.

Share testimonials

Another very effective strategy is showing your subscribers that your event is going to be fantastic with the help of previous attendees and their testimonials. If you haven’t hosted the event before, you could include testimonials from speakers or your future attendees that share their excitement.

Promote your speakers

Sending an email that’s dedicated to the speakers at your event is another great way of grabbing the attention of your subscribers and encouraging them to attend your event. For many events, it’s the speakers who provide the majority of content, so they are likely to be a big factor in subscribers deciding whether to attend or not.

Give the opportunity to participate in your event

It’s one thing to tell people that they’ll have a lot to take away from your event, but it’s another thing to tell them they can bring a lot to your event. Whether you’re hosting a conference or an event, giving people an opportunity to contribute can go a long way to increase the number of email registrations you get.

Offer early bird discounts

When it comes to creating compelling calls to action, early bird discounts is one of the most effective. In fact, 64% of event planners think early bird discounts to be the best promotional method for an event.

Sending your subscribers discounts in advance of your event is an effective way of driving registrations. Of course, this discount must end at some point, so having a clear deadline is key for driving action.

Give subscribers a taste of what your event will be like

Once you’ve sent subscribers your best content about early bird offers, speakers and testimonials, it’s time to move on to other approaches. It’s a good idea to have a think about how you can provide a fun, engaging, and educational spin to your event promotion emails.


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