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So you’ve decided to host an event, you’ve got an idea on which venue you’re going for and you’ve picked out a date, but how do you go about actually planning it and making it a success? Well, we’re here to help which is why we’ve given our top five tips on running a successful event below. Read on to find out more!

Figure out your event purpose

First things first, you need to know why you’re hosting the event in the first place, are you looking to generate new sales? Or maybe it’s to launch a new product? Whatever the reason may be, it needs to be clearly communicated with everyone involved to make sure everyone's working towards the same end goals.

Once you’ve got a purpose, it’s much easier to plan your activities in a way that’s going to help you reach your goals.

Have a plan

You know what they say, failing to prepare is preparing to fail, so make sure you come up with a well thought-out plan for your event. Planning a successful event involves lots of different aspects - you need to think about the food, the venue, entertainment, any equipment you may need, plus all the budgeting, marketing promotions and staffing arrangements!

So, to make your life easier, write out a plan for your event with separate steps and stages to keep you on track. Writing out your event plan not only also has the advantage of making delegating responsibilities easier, but it also helps you keep track of expenses and control them more effectively. Win-win!

Delegate the smaller details

One thing that almost all event organisers come to realise is that it’s really hard to manage every little aspect of your event by yourself, so why not give others some the responsibility? An easy way of doing this is when you’re writing your event plan and planning the details, decide who’s going to be responsible for them and write it down.

Sometimes delegating can simply mean hiring someone to help out, whether it’s an event planner, a caterer or someone who has experience in planning events. And if it’s simply not in your budget to hire other people, you can always ask for volunteers!

At Winter Gardens we provide a range of services to help event organisers plan their event. We offer everything from catering, ticketing and accommodation booking through to staffing, marketing support and entertainment booking. Find out more about our services here.

Communicate well and on a regular basis

In pretty much any area of business or life in general, communication is absolutely essential and without it, things generally start to fall apart. So make sure you’re constantly communicating with everyone involved in your event to make sure they know what’s happening and when and to avoid any confusion.

Your communication method can be as simple as sending out email updates as to what’s been done and what still needs to be done.

Have a follow-up plan

If the goal of your event is to attract new customers, you’re going to have to plan for that too. So, in your event plan, include how you intend to follow up with attendees in order to convert them into customers.

It’s important that you also have a plan for how people who don’t buy on the day can communicate their interest with you in the future. Setting a deadline for following up with your attendees is a great way to maximise the potential new business generated from your event.  


Here at Winter Gardens Blackpool, we understand that choosing the perfect event venue is one thing and planning it is a completely separate matter. This is why we provide a range of support services to help event organisers execute their vision for their event.

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