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Event promotion can seem like an overwhelming topic and with so many ways of marketing your event, it’s hard to know where to start and what will work best for you. However, once you start to break down your activities and actually put a strategy in place, it can be a lot easier to achieve your event objectives. 

We’ve put together our 2020 guide to event promotion to help event organisers successfully market their event. Read on to find out more…

Firstly, what is event promotion?

By definition, event promotion is the practice of using different marketing strategies and channels to inform more people of your event. So, any marketing activity that brings awareness to your event is known as event promotion.

Define your objectives

Before you put a strategy in place for promoting your event, you need to set some goals and objectives of what you are trying to achieve. Your goals could be based on a range of different things such as the number of tickets sold, increased event awareness, increased revenue or more. The goals that event organisers choose to set does vary a lot and generally depends on the nature of the event and what metrics are the most important to event organisers.

For some ideas on what to base your event objectives on, have a look at some key event management KPIs here.

How to successfully promote your event

Now that you have identified your target audience and you have set some objectives, you can now put together a strategy for promoting your event.

The most effective way of promoting your event is to ensure that you coordinate your campaigns and your messaging across different marketing channels. The channels you decide to use will mostly depend on who your target audience is, for example, if your event is B2B then LinkedIn may be an appropriate channel as well as content marketing. Certain channels will be more effective in resonating with certain audiences, therefore it’s really important that you have a good understanding of who your target audience is and how they behave.

By using multiple marketing channels, potential attendees will be nurtured through multiple interactions until they eventually convert and purchase their ticket to your event. Any integrated marketing campaign begins with identifying your target audience, once you’ve done this you can choose your most effective channels and create content and messaging that will resonate with them the most.

It’s important to promote your event before, during and after to maximise engagement and ensure you achieve the objectives you have set. Prior to your event, try to maximise engagement and generate a buzz around your event using social media, email marketing and content marketing. There are a wide range of marketing channels available and the ones that will bring your event the most success will depend on who your target audience is and what your objectives are. During your event, try to keep your social media channels up to date with what is going on, this will keep your attendees engaged and make them more likely to attend your events in the future. You can find out more about marketing your event before, during and after here.


Promoting your event can be a huge task and is arguably one of the most important aspects of hosting an event. The team at Winter Gardens Blackpool are well-versed in event marketing and can help you to maximise interest on both a national and local scale. Find out more about our marketing services here.


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