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We’re over seven months into 2019 - where does the time go? As July is well underway, the British summertime is getting into full swing with (hopefully!) some warm weather to suit. This time of year provides the perfect opportunity to host exciting Summer events.

Whether you are planning to host a summer wedding or event a corporate barbeque, being clever when it comes to catering options is a sure-fire way to make sure that your guests leave feeling happy. 

We’ve put together a few useful tips that should come in handy when thinking about hosting an event at this enjoyable time of year. 

Choose summer-themed dining options

This is especially important if your event is going to be making use of the outdoors. Okay, we might not expect to see record-breaking temperatures here in Britain, however, temperatures can still make it into the high end of the 20s in some areas. 

With this in mind, try to build your menu around dishes that will keep well in warm conditions. It’s better to be safe than sorry and, if in doubt, avoid foods that are responsive to heat and which pose a higher risk of causing illness. 

Finger food always goes down well with guests and means that visitors have the chance to sample a little bit of everything without feeling like they have overdone it!

Is the catering area weather-friendly?

Another important task at outdoor summer events is to ensure that you have planned the food display and service well in advance and are prepared for hot conditions. Keeping food away from direct sunlight is vital in order to avoid any nightmare spoilages.

Some clients, at a wedding, for example, might ask if you can display a cake throughout the day. If the weather is particularly hot, it’s always best practice to try and bring food out as late in the day as possible so as to avoid the highest temperatures. Nobody wants a collapsed wedding cake!

Satisfy expectations

If you’re in charge of the catering aspect of an event then your job is to take away as much stress from organising the event as you can. As we all know, hosting any kind of event can become stressful when there are so many things to be thinking about. 

When it comes to your role, keeping things as simple as possible for everybody involved is the best approach to have. Even if something doesn’t quite go to plan, by dealing with things calmly and professionally, you can help to fill the client with confidence and ease the weight off of their shoulders. 

Take care of your staff

Sure, the customer comes first - but your staff are really important too! Warm weather is great and we need to make the most of it whilst we can, however, it also means that staying hydrated is more important than ever. 

Ensure that your staff have access to cold water and shade when they need it so that they can stay in full health throughout the event and avoid heat exhaustion. As long as water intake stays as high as possible then your team should be happy, healthy and ready to cater to a fantastic event. 

Winter Gardens have our very own team of executive chefs who have experience of catering for a variety of events both large and small and can help to take the stress away from your event. 


Call 01253 625252 to speak to a member of our booking team and why not come to a taster session to help you decide on the menu for your event?


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