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Choosing a venue is one of the first, and possibly most important, considerations when running an event. It’s important to choose a venue that’s well suited to your event and ticks every box for your requirements. It can be a long (and sometimes laborious) task to find the perfect venue, but our handy list can help you to whittle things down and select the right place.


Of course, the first thing you would want to consider is how large (or small) a venue you need. There are two sides to this; the capacity of the venue and the physical size. What many people fail to do is to take into account that the capacity may be reduced if floor space is taken up with event collateral, such as exhibition stands or dining tables. We would always recommend leaving some room for such allowances. For example, if your event is for 200 people you might want a venue that can comfortably accommodate 250 or even 300.

You need a venue that can comfortably hold your delegates, as well as house any collateral you might have. As you will know, there’s nothing worse than a cramped event and having a little room to breathe can make everybody more relaxed if they can move freely through the event space. You will also need to make considerations regarding the height of your venue. If you have banners, arches or stands, for example, then it’s worth considering that the ceiling height leaves plenty of room.

At Winter Gardens Blackpool, event organisers have a range of connected rooms to choose from, allowing us to accommodate from as small as 50 people right up to 7,000 delegates in a variety of square footage.


Holding an event is about much more than the actual venue, it’s also about where the venue is located. You should try to choose somewhere that is easily accessible for potential delegates with good transport links, both externally and internally. There are other things to consider too, such as the availability of suitable accommodation, restaurants and entertainment in the area should your delegates choose to stay over.

Blackpool is the UK’s fastest growing business destinations, but it’s also been the UK’s favourite seaside destination for many years. It has excellent transport links by rail and road, as well as internally via tram and bus. Blackpool also features an abundance of accommodation options to suit all budgets, world-class entertainment and fantastic dining options, all within the resort.

Additional Services

There are so many things to consider when organising an event, and many venues can help you to lighten the load in a variety of ways. For example, is there in-house catering available? This can save you bags of time sourcing suitable external catering, which will then need to be transported the venue. There are also other important points to address, such as staffing and security needs that some venues may be able to offer in-house or source on your behalf from trusted companies. Time is money, and time saved on these types of considerations means you can focus your efforts on the other areas of your event.

At Winter Gardens Blackpool, our team are on hand to help with a variety of additional services, all of which are available for no extra charge. We can help with everything from catering, accommodation, booking and event logistics, through to audio and visual requirements, ticketing, marketing and entertainment booking.


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