When Bill Clinton Graced Blackpool’s Labour Party Conference

Winter Gardens Blackpool has long been a hub for internationally significant events, and the Labour Party Conference of October 2002 was no exception. With then Prime Minister Tony Blair at the helm, the event saw a veritable who’s who of UK politics gather in one place. Among the esteemed guests was a particularly notable international figure: former US President Bill Clinton.

Clinton, known for his charismatic presence and compelling speeches, was invited to share his insights and experiences with the Conference’s attendees. His address to the Labour Party delegates carried the weight of his political expertise and was received with much anticipation and respect. Yet, as memorable as his speech was, it wasn’t the highlight that had tongues wagging in Blackpool that night.

Following the day’s proceedings, at 10.55pm on a Wednesday night, President Clinton made an unexpected visit that left the town buzzing. Accompanied by his entourage, he strolled into the Boardwalk McDonald’s restaurant opposite Central Pier. As a former American president, he could have dined at any upscale restaurant he desired. But, in a display of relatability that endeared him to many, he chose the comfort of a simple burger and coke at McDonald’s.

The staff at the fast-food restaurant were left speechless by this extraordinary late-night visit. Clinton’s presence transformed an ordinary workday into an unforgettable experience for these employees. For half an hour, one of the world’s most influential figures made the Boardwalk McDonald’s his dining room, proving that despite the grandeur of Winter Gardens Blackpool and the high-level political discourse within its walls, there’s always room for a touch of the ordinary and unexpected.

The evening marked another unique chapter in Winter Gardens Blackpool’s rich history, further cementing its status as a venue that not only hosts globally important figures and events but also serves as the backdrop for some truly extraordinary moments. From Bill Clinton’s powerful speech to his surprise late-night snack run, the Labour Party Conference of 2002 was an event that Blackpool will not soon forget.

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