Charity Collection

Charity collection Supporting
Brian house childrens hospice

Wednesday 14 December
derham lounge
11:00 - 18:00

The Winter Gardens Blackpool, in conjunction with Brian House Children’s Hospice are holding a Charity Drop off, to be held in the Derham Lounge between the hours of 1100-1800 hrs.

We would appreciate your support in collecting items for the charity, items such as the below would be Soft play I Pyjamas (ages newborn-17) I Arts and craft equipment Fluffy socks I Blankets

Please ensure that all items are new and that no toys, sweets or food are donated.

Tickets for the Prize Raffle can be purchased from the Derham Lounge on Wed 14 Dec, at the Charity Drop-Off Event. Enter for a chance to win a wide range of great prizes from businesses and attractions. Raffle Prize information is below. 



4 x 1-2 years

2 x 2-3 years

3 x 3-4 years

1 x 6-7 years

1 x 7-8 years

1 x 8-9 years

4 x 9-10 years

3 x 10-11 years

2 x 11-12 years

1 x 14-15 years

2 x adult medium



1x 6-9 months

4x 1-2 years

1 x 4-5 years

4 x 6-7 years

1 x 8-9 years

2x 10-11 years

1 x 11-12 years

3 x 13- 14 years

3 x 14- 15 years

1 x adult medium

1x adult 2XL

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