Usdaw Annual Delegate Meeting

Venues used: Empress Ballroom, Arena, Pavilion & Horseshoe

Delegates: Approx. 1,500

Additional services used: Catering

Usdaw is one of Britain’s largest trade unions, with a massive 436,000 members nationwide. They provide guidance, advice and representation to workers from many different sectors, including retailers, road transport, warehouse and distribution, food manufacturing and many more.

Each year, Usdaw holds an Annual Delegate Meeting, which is the biggest and most important date for the union. It’s a 4-day conference with elected delegates on hand to represent each of the sectors Usdaw represent. Throughout the course of the 4 days, delegates will discuss, debate and vote on propositions that have been submitted by the executive council.

Usdaw and Winter Gardens Blackpool

Winter Gardens Blackpool has been the venue of choice for the Usdaw Annual Delegate Meeting for many years. A large part of that decision is the resort itself, offering an ideal conference destination due to the abundance of entertainment options and the appeal of being held in the UK’s favourite seaside resort.

“It’s the seaside location which appeals to our members who attend the four-day conference and bring their families with them for the weekend”

Susan Bickers, Deputy Head of Administrative Services, Usdaw

Another huge positive for the event organisers and the delegates who attend the annual event is the wide range of “reasonably priced accomodation” offered in Blackpool and the surrounding areas.

We can help to source suitable accommodation for events as part of our impartial accommodation booking service.

As part of our service offering, Winter Gardens Blackpool provide all catering requirements to the event through our executive team of chefs. We work closely with Usdaw to ensure that suitable options are available to suit all taste palettes and dietary requirements.

The future

Usdaw has provisionally booked to hold their Annual Delegate Meeting at Winter Gardens Blackpool until 2024, citing “value for money” as their key motivator for doing so. We look forward to hosting the union for at least the next 4 years, and hopefully beyond.   

To book or enquire about hosting your next event at Winter Gardens Blackpool, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Talk to a member of the team by calling 01253 629728 or email [email protected].

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