Volunteer for Blackpool Beer & Cider Festival in March

Would you like to volunteer for Blackpool Beer & Cider Festival in March?

As a volunteer you may be needed to work on one of the bars or as a steward.

You will be able to enjoy the real ales & ciders during the session and also in the break following the session. You will also receive a complimentary staff t-shirt as well as a souvenir festival glass.


In order to comply with Blackpool Winter Gardens health and safety briefing procedures you will need to arrive 30 MINUTES prior to all sessions. Upon arrival you will need to go directly to the Front Desk where the Volunteer Manager will meet you. If you are late or unable to attend the full session then you will be will not be allowed to volunteer and removed from our database.

Session dates/times:

Friday 24th March DAYTIME 12:00-17.30pm 

Friday 24th March EVENING 17.00-22.30pm

Saturday 25th March DAYTIME 12:00-17.30pm 

Saturday 25th March EVENING 17.00-22.30pm

Sunday 26th March DAYTIME 12:00-19.00pm


At each session there will also be:

100 Real Ales & Ciders

Continental Beers & Lagers

Locally Sourced Food

Spirits bar


For further details email ashley@realaleevents.com


Telephone 0151-933-9660


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