Adjudicators Annouced

The Blackpool “Open to the World” Dance Festival (China) and Blackpool Junior “Open to the World” Dance Festival (China) will take place from the 19th to the 23rd August 2016 in the Shanghai Indoor Stadium and promises to introduce exciting new Championships for the world’s competitors.

All the Blackpool organisational team will attend including Marcus Hilton MBE and Robert Bellinger as Evening and Daytime Chairmen plus there are eight Chinese judges, all with WDC international judge licenses, to help with the Juvenile and Junior category competitions to be held on August 19th, 20th and 21st.

The adjudicators are:

EVENING ADJUDICATORS: Len Armstrong, Donnie Burns MBE, Hazel Fletcher, Richard Gleave OBE, Karen Hilton MBE, Colin James, Barbara McColl, Robin Short, Tommy Sakuramoto, Michael Stylianos, David Sycamore.

DAYTIME ADJUDICATORS: Michael Barr, Alison Fulham, Christopher Hawkins, Michael Malitowski, Lyn Marriner, Goran Nordin, Margaret Redmond, Manfred Wang, John Wood.

Additional adjudicators 19th August – 21st August: Bing Cheng, Frank Luan, Cher Luo, Han Meiling, Anne Sun, David Yin, Jenny Zhang, Chen Zhao.

The Blackpool Empress Orchestra will be playing under the Musical Direction of Mr Ashley Frohlick. They will play every evening for four hours including at a VIP Welcome Dinner Party on August 20 when all the VIPs can dance to the Blackpool original music, live!

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