10 Things You Never Knew About The Sound Of Music

With The Sound of Music hitting the Winter Garden’s from the July 5-9, it’s about time you learnt a few of the bizarre facts and weird tales connected to one of the most epic shows of all time.

Some you’ll know, some you won’t and one you definitely should.

1. The von Trapps worked with Elvis

Credit Kenneth Hagemeyer

(Credit: Kenneth Hagemeyer)

The Trapp Family Singers were a real band, who worked for 30 years after their escape from Nazi-annexed Austria. One career high point was undoubtedly when they sang on an Elvis Presley Christmas record.

2. Highest grossing film of all time?

Well, no, it’s not. But it was the highest grossing in it’s year of realise 1965. Tickets sales in some towns are claimed to have exceeded the total population. Adjusting for inflation, at 2014 levels, the film took $2,310,000,000, making it the fifth most lucrative in history.

3. Lemarr family singers…

Credit Wikimedia Commons

(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The grand residence used for the von Trapp home was actually owned by actress Hedy Lemarr.

4. Hollywood sing-a-long

There’s an annual, and slightly cultist, Sound of Music sing-along held at the Hollywood Bowl in California. It’s usually attended by the real von Trapp children and the actors who played them. A consistent sell out.

5. Blackpool Star Quality

Blackpool has never had much trouble attracting the stars but this years performance of The Sound of Music won’t be short of a decent voice. It stars Lucy O’Byrne, the winner of Series 4 of the Voice UK, alongside Andrew Lancel, who plays Frank Foster in Corrie.

6. K-Trapp

Credit: Republic of Korea, flickr

(Credit: Republic of Korea, flickr)

Korea has a rich and respectful cinema history. However, because the Sound of Music was so popular on release, with some cinemas showing it 5-6 times a day, one cinema owner decided to cut the film a little short so it could be shown more frequently. to do this he removed all the the songs.

7. Mia Farrow as Liesel?

The actress did indeed audition for the part, but it ultimately went to Charmian Carr.

8. Speaking of auditions…

It wasn’t just Mia Farrow who auditioned. Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfuss (who couldn’t dance), Veronica Cartwright and four of the Osmond Brothers (Alan, Jay, Merrill and Wayne), all tried out for parts as the von Trapp children.

9. A real cameo and a real snub

The real Maria von Trapp did make a cameo in the film, seen walking in the background during the song “I Have Confidence” at the line “I must stop these doubts, all these worries. If I don’t, I just know I’ll turn back.” However, she was never invited to the premier, a snub not replicated on the musical’s opening night.

10. The dark history of the von Trapp house

Following the von Trapp’s successful escape to America their house was taken by SS leader and joint-architect of the final solution, Heinrich Himmler. The house was then visited by Hitler several times over the course of the Nazi’s reign over Germany.

Bonus fact: Everyone knows this one, surly?

Credit pcutler, flcikr

(Credit pcutler, flcikr)

Julie Andrews almost turned down the part of Maria von Trapp, as she quite rightly worried that it was too similar to her 1964 role as Mary Poppins.

How to book:

The Sound of Music will be at the Blackpool Winter Gardens Opera House from the July 5-9. Tickets range from £19.50 – £39.50, with group and school rates available. Check out this link for more details.

  • D Cockerill

    We’ve just returned home from the sound of music which was absolutely brilliant. The entire cast were fantastic bringing a much loved musical to life on the stage.

  • VANESSA ANN Merriman


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