Relive 10 Classic Vic & Bob Moments

Vic & Bob are coming back to Blackpool! As, alternative comedy royalty and producers of some of the most legendary pieces of TV comedy in British history, 25 Years of Reeves & Mortimer:The Poignant Moments promises the best comic nostalgia money can buy. To celebrate, we’ve compiled a feast of Reeves, Mortimer and friends. [We could have just filled it with George Dawes’ songs, or Shooting Stars in general, but we’ve tired to spread the mirth].

Shooting Stars – Caravan Sketch

One of the best things to come from Shooting Stars was the ‘Clips Round’, which was essentially just indulgent sketches. Often surreal and somethings utterly perfect, the unashamedly messy ‘Caravan Sketch’ is a firm favourite.  But also keep an eye out for Lance Corporal Boiled Egg, Geordie Jumpers and Action Man (Starts at 1:18).

Catterick – Hand

This gets a mention in order to plug the criminally-underrated Catterick, a show with a stellar comedy cast including Matt Lucas, Reece Shearsmith and Morwenna Banks. Set around the search for Bob Mortimer’s son, its an interlocking and surreal tale, that plays out in a similar vein to the third series of The League of Gentlemen.

Families at War – I am the Spider

Like a demented Generation Game, Families at War was a mildly successful attempt to break out into the mainstream Saturday night telly. The show pitted three family members, against three from another family, in a display of perceived talents (Often highly dubious). The best bit was usually the end, when Vic would dress as a giant spider, enter ‘The Cubiscus’, and act like a human version of the claw from those teddy picker games in arcades. Also, watch the end of this clip to see Leo Sayer go flying off a treadmill.

The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer – Spot of Bother

There had to be a little bit of one-on-one tomfoolery in the list somewhere and this jacket-based man-trap dilemma from the Smell of Reeves and Mortimer fits the bill. This was their first show on the BBC after leaving CH4 and it turned out a little more structured and chaotic, but less surreal.

Bang, Bang, It’s Reeves and Mortimer – The Club

Their second sketch show, after The Smell of…, was Bang, Bang. It had its ups and downs, and wasn’t taken too straight away by fans of the more accessible Shooting Stars. The desk seen in their previous sketch shows was still there but now lots of the sketches involved a core of comic talent they had picked up on other shows and would go on to work with for years. This even included David Williams. The highlight was undoubtedly their serialised spoof documentary about the life of ‘The Club’.

George Dawes’ Songs – Peanuts

George Dawes, found in his teens by Vic & Bob, started showing up at the Shooting Stars set with ready made songs. Some of these are the sheer works of genius. Frankly, this list could just be a top ten of his musical numbers. Baked Potato, Yorkshire Rap and of course Lesbians are too perfect not to mention. There’s even a 21 minute completion to be found here. However, ‘Peanuts’, is almost impossible to watch without laughing. Based on a peanut seller at Highbury, the atmosphere, the costume and the music are all sublime.

House of Fools – The Birds and the Bees

House of Fools, like Catterick, never quite made the impact with the wider public that it deserved (Possibly due to internal meddling by the BBC). Still, it’s knockabout gang-show nature really helps it to flourish after the first few shaky episodes. As champions of young, new comic talent, the inclusion of Daniel Simonsen, as Bob’s strange, and estranged, son Erik is just another example. Here they are giving him the facts of life.

Shooting Stars – Johnny Vegas

Just as they championed Daniel, or Mat Lucas or Dan Renton Skinner (Angelos Epithemiou), they also had Johnny Vegas’ back. Some of his moments on the show, clearly having been made aggressively drunk beforehand, are the finest bits of comedy, and despair, you’ll see on television. Here’s a compilation of his best bits. Also, here he is railing against Will Self, and at Christmas in general.

Vic Reeves’ Big Night Out – Man with a Stick

Vic’s first outing, back in the highly experimental days of CH4, only featured Bob as a sidekick and character comedian. The oddness of the show is something beautiful to behold. They even had a catchphrase: You Just Wouldn’t Let it Lie! As a template for everything that was to come it was the most bizarre showcase possible. Here’s the Man with the Stick’s Holiday Song:

Montreal Just for Laughs – Lucky Carpet

This final entry is just as important as it is funny. Well, it’s not desperately funny but the gall of it was incredible. Montreal is a very corporate festival. Very unlike Edinburgh. It is comedy in huge theatres, with a crowd half made up of TV executives looking to sign people up for TV shows. This made appearing with knockabout comedy, a miniature version of the band The Monkeys, and a giant ‘lucky carpet’ all the more special.

How to see the show…

25 Years of Reeves & Mortimer: The Poignant Moments will be hitting the Blackpool Winter Gardens on Saturday December 3rd for just one night only. Bob, who campaigned against laminate flooring when he appeared on celebrity Let’s Play Darts for Comic Relief (Chants of ‘We hate laminate, say we hate laminate’ were common) had this to say:

 “We enjoyed the tour so much that we’ve decided to do it again. We will be energised and plumptious due to a long summer spent wrapped in an oil soaked carpet. Talking of carpets, not only will we be singing about them, but will also be wearing them in protest against the spread of laminate and ceramic flooring. Hope you will be able to come along and join in.”

Tickets start at £29.50. You can read more about the show, as well as purchase your seats, online here.  


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