Meet the Cast of Blackpool’s Rocky Horror

The Rocky Horror Show will hit Blackpool in about T-minus a week or so.

Before we take you through the gorgeous list of cast members we need to issue an apology.

We couldn’t get Tim Curry (Or Richard O’Brien or Meat Loaf). Sorry, so sorry.

Thank God we managed to get this lot though…

Janet Weiss – Haley Flaherty

Basically the perfect cutesy (dammit) Janet, we could get our hands on, Haley has been working in some pretty huge productions before she joined the Rock Horror circus.

Trained at Laine Theatre Arts, Dance School of Scotland and the Royal Ballet, Haley has appeared in a huge amount of shows, as well as TV.

We’ll list just a few here.

Most famously she has been playing ‘Ms. Honey’ in Tim Minchin and Dennis Kelly’s critically acclaimed production of Matilda. She’s also been ‘Sophie’ in Mamma Mia!, ‘Roxie’ in Chicago and ‘Young Phyllis’ in Follies. She appeared on TV in Taggert, Silent Witness and on CBBC.

Here she is performing in London with Ben Foster, who’s not at Blackpool, and Kristian Lavercombe, who most certainly is:

Richard Meek – Brad Majors

I know…ridiculous jaw line or what? It’s enough to make a man cry himself to sleep.

You can see him in costume next to Haley above, but this King’s Lynn-born star has also played ‘Eddie’, ‘Dr Scott’ and understudied ‘Frank N. Furter’. He’s not exactly a virgin I can tell you.

He’s also played the lead in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Eddie/Dr Scott – Paul Cattermole

Yep, that’s Paul from S Club 7. Legend.

These days he’s busy with a ton of projects, including rock bands, and voiceover work. But, he’s got a stage pedigree, appearing in The Clearing, West Side StoryLe Petit Rats and Bugsy Malone.

Also, if you want a personal video message from him, then that is more than possible.

Here’s Richard Meek taking the mickey out of his glorious S Club past:

Columbia – Sophie Linder-Lee

Lets start with a little comedy.

This is Sophie Linder-Lee’s cute little ode to being on ‘standby’ for the part of ‘Glinda’ in Wicked.

(This is my favourite thing at the moment, check out Laurence Owen for more fabulous musical sarcasm)

Aside from not being on stage in Wicked, and playing ‘Columbia’ in Blackpool she has always been on the brink of a well-deserved breakthrough part.

Frank N. Furter – Liam Tamne

Where do we start with Liam Tamne’s theatre credits?

A product of Laine Theatre Arts he has been in The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Departure Lounge, HAIR, Hairspray, and a bit of workshop work in Love Never Dies and was also, like Sophie Linder-Lee, a cover in Wicked. 

Here he is in costume:

And here he is on Series 2 of The Voice:

The Narrator – Steve Punt

When the show heads to Blackpool, Steve Punt, of comedy duo Punt and Dennis (You know, Hugh Dennis of Outnumbered and Mock the Week fame), will be playing the vital role of narrator.

There comedy is all rather cheeky and intellectual.

Here’s a wine wind-up.

He runs a university-based quiz show too, which makes sense after he’s written for the The Now Show and The Mary Whitehouse Experience. 

Riff Raff – Kristian Lavercombe

How do you step into Richard O’Brien’s shoes?

It’s a tough job to play the part written for the man who wrote the God damn show in the first place.

To say Kristian is the perfect choice is the perfect answer. He has appeared in the Rocky Horror Show almost 1,000 times, even playing alongside the legendary Mr O’Brien himself.

Outside Riff Raff he’s been in basically everything from the visionary Urinetown to playing ‘Jesus’ in Jesus Christ Superstar. Some of my favourite credits include: Alice, The Queen and I and Amadeus. 

He’s recently finished writing a rock-musical with television and musical star Craig McLachlan.

Rocky – Dominic Anderson

Ah, Rocky. A man who has to be as god damn sexy as he is fabulous. Tough to cast and hard to pull off. What with all the sinew and pectorals required.

Here’s one tweeter’s response to his casting:

Previously he’s been ‘Rum Tum Tugger’ in Cats and ‘Jamie’ in Introducing Lucy but, if you’re ready for it, this is what he looks like ladies (and guys, and everyone else for that matter):

Magenta – Kay Murphy

Last, but by no means least, Kay Murphy is stepping into the role of Magenta.

Here she is getting along swimmingly with Richard Meek:

Despite having the twitter handle @kaysmurph, she’s anything but:

Previous she’s been in Matilda, Chicago and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat to name but three previous glories.

She’s even been ‘Columbia’ in Rocky before!

How to see the show!

If any of this has whetted your appetite, which it chuffin’ well should have, then take a look at how to book and when the show is playing here.

Also, if you’re a Rocky Horror Virgin, you can also check out our guide to losing it!

Prices for the show start at £15 across multiple dates between Sep 2 – October 1.

Dammit Janet, just get yourself there!


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