8 Reasons You’re Going to LOVE Footloose: The Musical

It’s almost time for the classic story of teen rebellion, very fancy footwork and aggressive tractor racing to take centre stage at the Blackpool Winter Gardens.

If, somehow, you’re not as excited about this as we are, here’s eight great reasons you’re gonna love Footloose: The Musical.

The Original Pop Idol

Luke Baker may have taken the title role as Ren, but his clumsier, cowboy sidekick will be played by the original pop idol Gareth Gates. Well, okay, Will Young might be the original pop idol, technical, but if you’re one of the 4.1 million that voted for Gaz, there’s only one No.1.

Willard is a hick (of sorts) who can’t dance and needs Ren’s help to get ready for the dance. It’ll be worth coming tot he show just to see a man who can dance, pretending he can’t, then pretend to learn to.

Classic Tunes

As you would expect from any movie that was written around its excellent soundtrack, the show isn’t short of a classic 80s tune or two. Kenny Loggins wrote the majority of the soundtrack which had two No. 1s, including “Footloose” and “Let’s Hear It for the Boy” on it, whilst another four tunes also charted in the US.

In fact, the album was the one that finally managed to knock “Thriller” off the top spot.

Another Nolan Extravaganza

Blackpool and the Nolan sisters go too well together, as do the Nolan sisters and the stage. Bernie, Denise, Linda, and Maureen have all played the role of ‘Mrs Johnstone’ in the musical Blood Brothers and between them they’ve preformed in Mum’s the Word, Flashdance, Prisoner Cell Block H – The Musical among others.

Maureen is taking on the Dianne Wiest’s role of ‘Vi Moore’, the pious mother of Ren’s love interest Ariel.

80s Nostalgia

You won’t know if you weren’t there, but the decade that brought us Mario, hair metal and rampant shoulder pads is worth reliving on a grand scale. Footloose was as much representative of the 80s as Apocalypse Now was of the 70s and Four Weddings and a Funeral was of the 90s.

If you want to see a man in faded jeans, gone at the knees, dancing in knackered Converse in an abandoned warehouse, then Footloose has you covered.

Beautiful Opera House Setting

The grand Art Deco halls of the Blackpool Winter Gardens have played host to some of the greatest artist of the last 100 years. In fact, anybody from Morecambe and Wise to Miley Cyrus.

The interior underwent it’s last redesign in 1939 and despite having 2,813 seats, is selling out fast for Footloose. 

There’s no better setting.

£10 VIP Afterparty Tickets


Who wouldn’t want to hang with this fella?

After the show, doors will be open on the starts for around an hour. You can use you VIP lanyard to acquire your free drink and spent the rest of the time getting photos and having everything from posters to tickets to your prosthetic leg signed by the cast.

If you’re looking to ‘Cutloose with Footloose‘ then, on the September 23, you can pay an extra £10 and upgrade your way into the aftershow party.

(Although, I can’t promise Gaz will be dressed for Cinderella…)

It’s Brought to you by the People Behind…

Well, tones of great stuff.

‘Sell a Door’ have recently brought James and the Giant Peach to the Opera House, but they’re most famous for Avenue Q and Jersey Boys. Above is a little video of what they did with a Little Shop of Horrors. 

To take a look at more of their output by checking out their website.

It Starts on Monday!

Okay, so this reason is a bit of a cheat. But come on, it’s only a few days away!

The performance includes an incredible cast, including : Luke Baker as ‘Ren’, Hannah Price as ‘Ariel’ and Nigel Lister as the Reverend Shaw Moore. With tickets starting at just £15 and with the show on your doorstep, there’s no excuse for not making it out to the Winter Gardens.

Here’s a little something to play you out.



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